As our motto declares ‘Excellence in Education’ is our core value at Mathews Phosa High School. Our secret recipe for success in what we do is love and care with large doses of discipline and order. The school is a registered examination centre and subscribes to the widely recognized CAPS curriculum.
A wide number of subjects in the Science and Commerce fields are offered. These subjects lead to an even more diverse range of careers from Engineering to Chartered Accounting, Law to Entrepreneurship and Medicine.

The school has dominated as the best performing private school in Mpumalanga for a number of consecutive years. So high is the recognition the school is receiving it also has a very rare yet significant Parliamentary commendation for good results. Since 1995 the school has achieved a 100% pass rate with the exception of 1 or 2. The school has a degree access pass of 70% on average meaning that 7 out of every 10 of our learners will pass and qualify for Bachelors’ degree study.
A very effective educator – pupil ratio of 1: 17 enhances contact time between the educator and pupils boosting academic delivery greatly.