Notification to Parents- Convit-19

Notification to Parents

As like many other institutions in South Africa and the rest of the world we were unfortunately affected by the corona virus. It is also unfortunate that during such a trying time a lot of misinformation and slander regarding the school may have been circulated either intentionally or unintentionally.

However, in the spirit of openness here are the facts regarding the unfortunate case which has since been dealt with.

One learner showed symptoms during a screening test on the 15th of July and his parents were informed and they went to take him for testing. The results came on the 18th that he was unfortunately positive. The principal informed the department of health and the department of education through the circuit manager. As per regulation learners who were in close contact with the boy were isolated for observation and their parents were informed. The school was closed for two days to allow for deep sanitization of the hostels and classrooms.

The principal undertook to send emails to all parents on a daily basis until the school closed on the 24th to update them on the situation. During that time the Principal and the management team made and responded to more than 300 individual communications to parents. On the 23rd after the announcement by the President the Principal and the other Directors took the decision to close the school until the 11th of August for matric students and until the 24th of August for the rest of the school. During that time a professional company came to sanitize and deep clean the premises once again.

Please note that even before the case. The school has the following systems in place:

  • The school management team developed a school based strategy to cope with any eventuality.
  • The department of Education and Health were both informed and as per protocol they came to the school to check measures put in place before the school was reopened.
  • The school further engaged two professional companies that came to deep sanitize and fumigate the school premises and all hostels.
  • All educators were trained on protocols with regards to dealing with such cases and the school went a step further by acquiring the services of a health care professional TO SCREEN AND INTERVIEW each learners on arrival back to the school.
  • ALL individuals on the premises are screened twice a day and they fill in a health questioner drafted by the department of education.
  • Since we have students coming from various parts of South Africa and some from other countries we have temporarily suspended contact visits between parents and learners to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Our school kitchen is managed by an internationally qualified chef and is regularly inspected by the health department (all compliance certificates are available).
  • There are functional isolation centers that can accommodate 8 learners at a time.

The above measures were put in place to make sure that moving forward we will not have any more covid-19 related issues. What is vital was that during such a time communication channels remain open between the school and parents, as such we created a new website because we were not satisfied with the service we got from the previous service provider. During lockdown our staff engaged with learners for lessons online and the same continued when we had to temporarily shut down to allow the school to be fumigated.

Our principal has always maintained an open door policy for all stake holders, in June and August he gladly received a delegation of parents whose concerns he managed to address. In the school there is a Learner Representative Council comprising of representatives from all grades.

Let us move forward with the vision of getting our children the best possible education through uniting and cooperating with the school.

The history and academic record of Mathews Phosa College speaks for its self and it was developed over years of hard work. We are proudly on of the top private schools in Mpumalanga and we aim to continue setting high pass rates that other school cannot follow.

We look forward to receiving the rest of the school on the 24 of August