A Cut Above The Rest

The long, quiet drive up the mountain is the first hint one gets about the school in the mountains. A school with standards as high as the mountains it sits so peacefully in. Much like Nelson Mandela’s Long walk to freedom, the drive indeed is a long drive to success. A drive to a school par excellence - Mathews Phosa College.

Having joined the school after learning at other institutions in Swaziland and South Africa MPC became the school where I found clear purpose and direction. For the first time I was in a school where the word and not the sjambok was key. Having heard of the discipline and behavior in the school I was surprised to learn that there was no use of corporal punishment but instead a “guardianship” system. Learning without fear was one of the best things that happened to me in the school. The guardianship system is best explained as a family unit within the school family. Learners are divided by grade and gender with an educator mentoring each unit according to their specific demands as the family parent. We do not feel emotionally, spiritually or mentally starved because we have as much attention and guidance as we get at home. Our teachers are well qualified for their jobs and most importantly are exemplary. Punctuality, neatness, vulgar free language, appropriate dress and their ever presence on duty makes them a cut above the rest. We respect the dedication and determination shown by the educators and in turn they work hard to maintain the standards prescribed for them.

The school is a perennial achiever academically. A pass rate of a 100% annually, the high number of former students who go to university and a cabinet that is refilled every year with academic trophies speak volumes about the quality of work put in by both teachers and students. The school also has a reputation in the cultural activities where again excellence has proved to be a habit that all in the school practice constantly. Our Chess, Choir, Marimba, Vocal groups and debate always make it a point to bring awards home whenever they compete.

Even though I still have a year before I complete matric I am looking forward to life because I feel equipped and ready to face the world and make my mark. All parents dream of sending their children to the right schools so they can have brighter futures. MPC is not only the dream but the answer to the dream as well. Not only are we being educated to succeed but also to achieve, not only to serve the world out there but to serve as leaders.

The Greek philosopher , Aristotle, summed the school culture in one sentence, “ Excellence is a habit”. I proudly wear the badge and like those before and after me proudly proclaim that at MPC indeed there is ‘Excellence in education’.

Ntokozo Hadebe

Grade 11

Ntokozo Hadebe Head Boy 2015