Mathews Phosa High School

Mathews Phosa High School was instituted in 1994, the year the Republic of South Africa was finally transformed into an all-encompassing democracy.

From an involvement in the education of Black children for 36 years prior to 1994 (and an intense awareness of the shortcomings of the education system) as well as involvement in the preparations for the new dispensation, three important requirements for future education were identified:


  1. The culture of teaching and learning would have to be restored and upgraded
  2. Previously disadvantaged learners would have to be prepared for employment in areas from which they had previously been excluded i.e. Science, Computer Technology and Commerce
  3. Leaders would have to be developed for service in every sphere of the South African society.


Considering Mathews Phosa High School


Established in 1994 with the aim to prepare learners for future careers in Science and Commerce. Mathews Phosa High School has lived up to its vision of preparing holistic leaders for southern Africa. All learners in the school are boarders and have 24-hour access to excellent tuition offered by live in teachers. 70% of the learners on average qualify for Bachelors’ degree study yearly and that together with the almost perfect 100% record that the school has, make the school indisputably the best in the province. The school recently received a commendation from parliament for its outstanding results. The school also offers comprehensive personal development programs such as the ‘guardianship’ system which bridges the gap between school and home ensuring that the learner has all the assistance one may require.

Mathews Phosa High School is situated in quiet and peaceful surroundings on an estate 60 km west of Nelspruit in Mpumalanga and within three hours drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria. The mountains, trees, birds and animals are a new experience to city dwellers; an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The natural surroundings and seclusion are most conducive to learning.